Thursday, July 23, 2009

Frozen French Fries

At least once a week, I give the kids frozen French fries with dinner. This is my Monday night strategy, when I leave at the witching hour to go teach Pilates and my DH is in charge of overseeing the dinner-eating. I was feeling like I should not let my frozen French fry secret leak out to the Mother of the Year search committee, when lo and behold, I discovered that the fries I was serving actually got a score of 76! That's right, Cascadian Farms French Fries get a 76 out of 100 on the NuVal scale. That's pretty good when you consider that spinach gets a 100.

Here are how some of the other frozen French fries score:

Alexia Organic Yukon Gold Julienne Fries with salt 42

McCains French Fries Smiles 29

Ore-Ida Tater Tots, Seasoned Shredded Potatoes 23

McCain Sweet Potato Crinkle Cut Fries 14

For more frozen potato and onion scores, go to

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